ALPHA is a growing startup based in Columbus, OH. We specialize in direct marketing and consultative sales. We proudly represent well-known brands, bridging the gap between large corporate service providers and the customers that use their services.

ALPHA launched in New Jersey and has since expanded to the Ohio market thanks to our partnership with a national renewable energy company. Since our market expansion, ALPHA has acquired a new Fortune 500 client in the telecom industry. We are committed to providing the best top-notch services that are tailored to our consumer’s needs.

We have the highest of standards, and will always choose quality over quantity. We are upbeat and energetic and we are passionately going after our goals. We play to win, and have a blast while doing it.


Our Portfolio

ALPHA is selective when it comes to strategic partnerships. We choose to partner with companies who sell service-based necessities, rather than luxury niche brands. The reason for this is simple: there are certain products and services that consumers won’t go without — regardless of the health of the economy. The next set of criteria for our clients is in regard to their size and scope. We selectively partner with companies who are capable of handling an ongoing influx of new customers.

Our Relationships

Our relationships-first approach to business has opened up endless avenues of growth for ALPHA. We take the time to connect with our clients’ customers as if they were our own. No advertising strategy can compete with human to human bonds. For this reason, our services are immensely more effective at reaching target audiences than commercials, billboards, or mailers. With a customer acquisition strategy that is generating real results in record-breaking time, we have already acquired a waiting list of new clients.

Our Training

We bring our A-game to consultative sales by ensuring that each member of the team is trained extensively. For our clients, this importantly means that there is a seamless representation of their respective brands. Comprehensive hands-on training also means that our people are growing in their careers. We prioritize the personal and professional development of our staff, and offer a unique advancement structure in which team members are always moving forward. The result of our training is growth for everyone.